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Archdiocesan Executive Council Meets with Board of Trustees Presidents

On Saturday, February 5th, the Archdiocesan Executive Council (AEC) met with Board of Trustees Presidents and officers from different parishes of the Diocese along with members of the clergy and a youth task force from the local parishes. The entire full day session was packed with presentations, progress reports and proposals for the attendees to ponder and comprehend. Everyone walked away with food for thought, an appreciation of what the AEC has accomplished to date and what remains to be done with a clear focus on the need revitalize the youth of the Archdiocese.

His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim, opened the session with a prayer, welcomed and thanked all those who traveled long distances to be present at this gathering. His Eminence gave a brief background concerning the reorganized Archdiocesan Executive Council. Dr. Yamo Deniz, AEC President, began his presentation by reviewing the responsibility of the Council to His Eminence. He discussed the goals and road map of the Council through 2013, giving priority to the issues of the youth by placing their presentation and update first on the agenda.

John Samuel, who spearheaded this fact finding initiative kicked off the youth presentation and invited Ramona Malki, Elie Chamoun and Emanuel Asmar to present a comprehensive report on the needs and requirements of today’s youth along with a recommendation for a dedicated “youth minister/director” who would be 100% focused on the youth of the Archdiocese.

Due to the numerous issues to be covered the group worked through lunch after which they returned to the remaining agenda topics. Reports were giving by the four standing committees, (Public Relations and Communication Committee, Building Committee, Finance Committee and Clergy and Parish Committee). His Eminence gave an update on the upcoming Archdiocesan Convention. It was decided that our Archdiocese would sponsor the Convention. His Eminence reported that preliminary preparatory plans are underway. The Council President ended the meeting with an open discussion and a question and answer session.

The day culminated with an evening prayer session conducted by His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim and assisted by members of the clergy. Dinner was served to all the participants by the Ladies Auxiliary of St. Mark’s Cathedral.

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