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Archdiocese Receives Update on Upcoming 2012 Convention

This year’s Annual Archdiocesan Convention will be sponsored by St. Aphraim’s Syriac Orthodox Church in Washington, DC. The theme of the 2012 Convention will be “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”.

On Saturday, February 18, immediately following an all-day meeting of the AEC with Board Presidents from the Archdiocese, The group from St. Aphraim’s, which included Raymond Dunia, Aboud Shakarji, Joe Kabro and Ammar Touza, held a two- hour session with senior members of the Archdiocese who, over the years, have acquired experience in running national Archdiocese conventions. The group included Sait Samuel, Elias Sarkar, Samira Yunan, Naim Ghassali, Julie Jabali and Peter Nakkash. His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim’s directive to the Archdiocesan Group was to review and assist St. Aphraim’s Parish in ways that deem necessary to insure a successful convention.

The update included the convention programming, strategies and finances. Within a few weeks, after all the events’ contracts have been finalized, the sponsoring parish will begin its promotion and advertising campaign. Washington, DC, being the Nation’s Capital offers a multitude of activities, including National Historic sites, museums, monuments etc. to visit and enjoy.

The Committee from the Archdiocese offered all the existing on-line tools for registration and payments methods, e-blasts list that have been used and found very helpful on the Public Relations end.

The convention weekend of July 26, 27, 28 and 29th, promise to be spiritually and socially gratifying. The group from the Archdiocese will meet monthly, or as deemed necessary, with St. Aphraim’s Convention committee to help along the way.

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