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Sunday School Curriculum

Parables & Books has been commissioned to develop brand new material to be implemented in Syriac Orthodox Churches across America.

The journey to creating an innovative curriculum for the Syriac Orthodox Church has been a long one. After decades of efforts from many people, Parables & Books has been working diligently for the past year on a new unified Sunday school curriculum to be implemented by both the archdioceses of the East Coast and West Coast of America. This monumental endeavor marks the first time a curriculum of such magnitude will be produced.

In its final form, eight distinct grade levels will…

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St. Aphraim’s Parish Hosts a Successful 49th Archdiocesan Convention

The 49th Annual Archdiocesan Convention, sponsored by St. Aphraim’s Syriac Orthodox Church in Washington DC, was held from Thursday, July 26th through Sunday, July 29th. This was a truly successful event attended by members of both the Eastern and Western Archdioceses.

This year’s convention theme “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” rang through every event of the convention weekend. His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim along with His Eminence Mor Clemis Eugene Kaplan shared center stage with the honored guest of the convention His Eminence Mor Dionysius Jean Kawak, Archbishop and Patriarchal Office Director, who previously served as pastor of St. Aphraim’s…

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Archdiocese Advocates Uniformity

The Parish and Clergy Committee of the AEC, advocating uniformity throughout the parishes has taken initial steps to meet their objective. Committee Chairman Sait Samuel said, as a first step, the committee proposed displaying a suitably sized logo of the Archdiocese on the outer front wall of each church building. His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim approved the committee’s recommendation and immediate steps were taken for its implementation.

The production of the 3 ft. × 3 ft. signs was done in Turkey and donated by Sait Samuel. The metal framing of the 25 signs produced has been donated by Hanna and…

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Ethiopian Orthodox Patriarch Paulos Passes Away

16 August (ENInews)—The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, His Holiness Abune Paulos died on 16 August at the age of 76, according to his private secretary.

The secretary told the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) that Paulos died following medical treatment. According to news reports, Paulos had been admitted to the hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia after suffering a heart attack on 15 August.

He was the fifth patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and served in that role since 1992.

He was also president of the World Council of Churches (WCC) and was admired for his…

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His Eminence Meets with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem met with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann on Thursday August, 16th at a private event in Sherborn, Massachusetts. His Eminence spoke to Governor Romney about the plight of all Christians in the Middle East, especially in Syria, and emphasized the deep concern we have about their struggle, safety and future in the Middle East. Governor Romney and his wife listened attentively as His Eminence spoke and during his address to the guests present, the Presidential Candidate referenced his conversation with His Eminence noting the situation in the Syria and similar struggles for change throughout…

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