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Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim passes away

It is with great sorrow that we report the passing away of His Beatitude Ignatius IV Hazim, Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch. His Beatitude was suffering from a stroke and on Wednesday, December the 5th passed away at the age of 92 at St. George’s hospital in Beirut, Lebanon.

Patriarch Hazim was born in Mhareh-Homs, Syria. After finishing his studies there, he moved to Lebanon, where he became active in the church and community. He was ordained Bishop of Palmyra, in 1961 and in 1971 was consecrated a metropolitan for Lattakia, Syria.

Ignatius IV Hazim was consecrated the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch in 1979. By his passing away, the Greek Orthodox community lost a great pillar of the Faith. We pray to our Father Almighty to bless his soul and give him eternal rest in the heavenly Jerusalem. We also pray that He will watch over the Greek Orthodox Church in the East our sister church, during these difficult times.

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