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Three Day Fast of Nineveh

The Nineveh Fast: February 25-27, 2013

The three day fast of Nineveh commemorates the three days that Prophet Jonah spent inside the belly of the fish. (Book of Jonah in the Bible). The Syriac Orthodox Church started observing this fast since the early centuries. Later, two sister Oriental Churches, the Coptic and the Armenian followed this tradition. It is observed for three days from the second Monday before lent.

Like other fasts of the church, the Nineveh Fast is observed by abstaining from all kinds of dairy foods and meat products. However, some parishioners abstain from food and drink altogether…

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Church leaders urge fundamental immigration reform

Church leaders urge fundamental immigration reform
February 1, 2013
For Immediate Release

Christian leaders representing the breadth of Christian churches and denominations in the U.S. issued a strong and urgent call today for fundamental immigration reform. The annual meeting of Christian Churches Together released this statement at the close of their four day gathering in Austin, Texas.

The entire CCT meeting, planned a year ago, focused on the challenge of immigration reform, hearing from “dreamers,” a variety of immigrants and experts on immigration issues. Its statement comes as the nation’s political leadership has turned its attention during the past week…

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His Eminence Ordains Subdeacons at Mor Barsawmo’s Church

On Sunday, February the 3rd, 2013 His Eminence Archbishop Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim celebrated the Holy Qurbono (Divine Liturgy) with the parishioners of St. Barsawmo’s parish in Wyckoff, New Jersey. His Eminence was assisted by the Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Shabo, who is visiting the USA. The Liturgy was served by both the choir and the deacons of the Parish. During the celebration His Eminence elevated to the rank of Aphodiakno (Sub-Deacon) two Qoruye (Readers): Romio Toro and Bassam Shamoon.

During the celebration His Eminence delivered a spiritual sermon on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord Jesus to the…

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His Eminence participates in the Christian Churches Together Annual Gathering in Texas

This year, the Christian Churches Together Annual Gathering was held in Austin, Texas, from January 28 till February 1. His Eminence, Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim participated in the gathering, representing the Syriac Orthodox Church.

The gathering’s main issue was “Immigration Reforms”. The Churches present, unanimously asked for “an earned path” for undocumented immigrants to find a way to citizenship. The family reunification, protecting the borders, improving the refugee status and the international economic causes of the unauthorized immigration were also discussed.
The gathering issued a statement that represents the coalition of most Christian denominations’ aspirations for important immigration law reforms.

Christian Churches…

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