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Youth Director – Job Description

POSITION: Youth and Young Adult Programs Director

POSITION OUTLINE: Report to the Youth Advisor Council under the auspices of the Archbishop. Provides administrative and office support services. Oversee and coordinate youth and young adult programs throughout the Archdiocese.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Work closely with the Archbishop, Youth Advisory Council, various Church Youth organizations, and parish councils. Will also work closely with the community in order to plan, organize, prepare, administer, coordinate and attend a variety of programs, conferences and retreats. Organize and maintain various project plans, and youth member lists. Maintain communication and develop a strong bond with the youth and their parents by having available office hours to provide counseling as needed. Provide the Youth Advisory Council and the Archbishop a written bi-monthly report regarding the Youth Outreach Office plans and activities.

Provide leadership, guidance for youth and young adults and assist all church youth organizations.
• Manage the Youth Outreach Office at the Archdiocesan headquarters.
• Maintain a database of all youth organizations, parish point of contacts, and parish clergy.
• Maintain a database of all youth and relevant information.
• Research, coordinate and facilitate the scheduling of events such as conferences, speakers, retreats, conventions, lock-ins etc.
• Handle registration for all Archdiocese planned youth and young adult programs.
• Handle other administrative tasks as needed.
• Handle all electronic communication and updates using Facebook, website, e-blasts etc.

Ensure youth groups maintain a balanced program of spiritual, physical, and social growth.
Provide leadership training for the youth.
Provide forums for youth communication and feedback to promote a team atmosphere.
Identify youth with leadership capability cultivate these capabilities by promoting such individuals with training and guidance.
Evaluate and make recommendations concerning teaching materials and methods used in all of the youth programs.
Maintain a well-planned, carefully balanced program throughout the year coordinated with the church calendar of events.
Provide information and encourage attendance to youth related activities.

Work closely with Archdiocese Summer camp leaders to:
• Help create an effective camp curriculum.
• Work with the councilors to strengthen the bond with each other by creating and promoting activities.
• Spend time while camp is in session to identify councilors with leadership potential.
• Work with councilors to extend their enthusiasm into other Archdiocese activities.

• Passion for the Lord and possess a strong desire to engage and inspire youth and young adults.
• Must have familiarity with the Syriac Orthodox Church and community.
• Previous youth activity planning experience.
• Capability to recruit and train volunteer leaders.
• Ability to accept guidance and supervision.
• Good character, integrity, and ability to lead by example.
• Ability to work in one-on-one, team and committee settings.
• Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
• Strong planning, multitasking and time management skills.
• A college degree in a related field or 1 year of related experience.
• Proficient with computer software such as Microsoft office and comfort in using internet communication tools such as Facebook, twitter, social media, e-mail etc.

• The position is a flexible schedule requiring commitment to work around youth events such as weekends and nights to attend youth, retreats, trips, leadership meetings, and to be available during all youth related activities. Reasonable time off will be offered to offset the weekend and extra hours worked.
• This position will also require office hours scheduled to be accessible to the youth and community.
• Salary is competitive and based on the candidates experience and background.

All interested individuals should contact John Samuel at

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