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History of the Syrian Church of India

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This book contains a detailed recount of the Syriac community in India. The author, Patriarch Ignatius Yacoub III, spent more than twelve years in India, which acquired him a great knowledge about its history and customs. He wrote in detail how India came to Christianity by Thomas the Apostle, and later by the Syriac Orthodox Church, from Edessa, Turkey. The Syriacs established monasteries, churches and schools that enriched the Indian Church abundantly. They also provided them with clergy and liturgical literature. There is a full explanation of how the Portugues colonials, Catholics, persecuted the Syriac Orthodox Church, and brought schisms to it. He likewise wrote about the effect of the Nestorians on the religious conflicts in India. It is sad to know how the Syriac Orthodox Church lost important legacies there, but at the same time, the Indian Maphryono always works in unison with the Patriarchate.

By Ignatious Yacoub III.
Translated by Matti Moosa.
Available in softcover.


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