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The Collected Historical Essays of Aphram I Barsoum, Volume 1

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This book contains most of Patriarch Aphram’s essays and lectures in the history of the Syriac Orthodox famous parishes. He wrote about the history of the Diocese of Diyarbakr, the Bishops of Harran, the Syriac Nation in Iraq, the Churches of Edessa, monastery of Qinneshrin, and Outstandig Syriac clergy, who left a big heritage the Syriacs are proud of. The book also includes the Patriarch’s lecture about the Historical tract on the Sun-Worshippers, as well as three lectures he delivered in the American University of Beirut.

Patriarch Aphram I Barsoum’s contribution to the Syriac Studies does not only reflect him as a Scholar who profoundly knows his Churches’ traditions and manuscripts, but also the Orientalists’ manuscripts of Europe.

Written by Aphram I Barsoum.
Translated bu Matti Moosa.
Available in softcover.


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