Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch

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The Hidden Pearl

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This gigantic work is the epitome of the most important historical volumes that the Syriac Orthodox Library acquired. It shows the Aramaic Heritage and the Syriac Orthodox Church throughout the centuries. It is a Multimedia series in three parts, three videocassettes and three illustrated volumes.

The first part is about the Aramaic Heritage of Antiquity (Pre-Christian Period): A long- lived language, three thousand years of Aramaic. The language spreads under the great empires. The desert kingdoms, Palmyra, Petra and Harta.

The second part is about the Aramaic language, customs and traditions: The language of Jesus and the heirs of Aramaic heritage, monasteries and churches, the art of the manuscripts, calligraphy and illustrations.

The third part is about the Syriac Orthodox Church and people on the Eve of the Third Millennium-The mountain of the Servants of God (Tur ‘Abdin and its churches and monasteries), Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, the Syriac Orthodox homelands. Finally, the diaspora communities.

This rare work of art should be in every Suryoyo home, to teach the new generations who we really are, and what rich heritage we have and should keep.

Available in Hardcover including three videocassettes and three illustrated volumes.

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